Optimize your

process costs and

comply with the GDPR

Encrypted communication in public cloud services

Use O365 and other email services in compliance with data protection regulations for confidential communication with your customers. Increase the trust of your customers in your services and create new communication channels for sensitive information. The implementation is transparent and possible without great effort. Reduce your process costs by transferring confidential customer processes and communication into existing digital structures and tools. You too can rely on our more than 15 years of expertise in this sensitive security area.

Our solutions for you at a glance

Data exchange

Ensure the secure exchange of any amount of data. Offer your communication partners a way to make data securely available.

Automated PKI

Offer your communication partners a possibility to provide data securely. Use our connection to the Federal Trust (D-TRUST) to obtain certificates.

Integration in MS services

The solution integrates seamlessly into the Office 365 world. With our service you can also send emails securely within the Office 365 world securely.


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Implement the requirements for secure communication with our solution

Secure communication

Thanks to our automated key management and extensive options in the rule sets, you can implement all e-mail encryption requirements.


Your employees can actively intervene in the encryption process and send sensitive data in encrypted form.


Integrate our platform into your customer portals and realize higher customer customer loyalty through direct and secure communication.

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