It’s not magic when

there’s a plan to it.

We operate your individual customer solutions at the highest level

With our cloud stack and our products, we want to ensure data sovereignty in an increasingly digitalized and global IT world. With this in mind, we have decided to implement our own operating stack for servers and applications. Our many years of experience in various areas help us to continuously adapt the solution to future requirements.

Our cloud stack, consists of a scalable hardware stack, automated deployment and our white-labeled customer portal. Various IaaS and SaaS products can be booked and managed directly. In addition, extensive functions are included that make daily support and operation much easier for you. We also develop our own SaaS solutions with a focus on making large cloud services usable for the exchange and storage of sensitive information.

An overview of our solutions for you


In our own cloud stack, you operate your infrastructure resources according to clearly defined SLAs. In addition to server resources and network services, we provide you with extensive data backup and availability functions.


We provide you with a wide range of services from our cloud stack. These include e-mail, telephony, backup and encryption services.

Self-Service Portal

We offer you the opportunity to manage all services and options easily and tailored to your needs in our self-service portal.

Own data centers

Our solutions can be obtained as SaaS/IaaS services from our data centers operated in Germany. The operation meets the highest certifications and standards such as ISO 27001, DIN EN 50600, ITAR. Operation of your private cloud can also be realized.

We are an IT revolutionizer that not only helps shape the IT world of tomorrow but also redefines it. We set standards in the working environment and structure of companies of all sizes. We bundle expertise from decades in the IT sector. You want to pursue this vision together with us? We look forward to getting to know you!