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As a Service-Products

From our extensive product catalog, we have implemented customizable solutions for you and your customers' needs. These solutions are constantly being further developed according to the needs of our partners. Our solutions follow a whitelabel philosophy. For you this means: Your customers remain your customers. The design of the price models and also the definition of the access options of your customers to the self-service are aligned with your wishes and your needs.

The configuration of the services is specifically optimized for operating from the perspective of IT solution providers. The complexity of the pricing models has been reduced to a minimum in order to be able to implement easily plannable solutions for your customers.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

We offer you extensive options - even beyond classic backup services. With our solutions, you can implement emergency scenarios according to the individual needs of your customers. These solutions offer your customers a fast restoration of operations after an IT incident. The access is ensured via optional DaaS services (Desktop as a Service).

  • Fast response after an IT incident
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Products for the implementation of emergency concepts for your customers
  • Compliance with legal requirements for the availability of IT services


Desktop as a Service

Operate your customers' workstations from our DaaS (Desktop as a Service services). Access to the workstations is possible with any end device. The solutions are individually adapted to your needs. You can choose from a variety of operating models to implement the right solution for every customer need.

  • Worldwide access with any terminal device
  • Whitelabeling the solution
  • Business recovery after IT incident through centralization of Desktop systems
  • High level of standardization of basic desktop systems ensures massive reduction in operating costs


This way, your customers

will remain your customers.


Simply test the products from our data centers yourself without making your own investment.

With a simple and free onboarding, we support and advise you in a migration with our solution. Your sales department can act immediately with the solution.