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As a Service-Products

With our solutions specifically for IT professionals, we give you time to focus on the added value for your company. Thanks to our clearly defined SLA and the option to administer all products in self-service, you have full control. Our pricing models contain no surprises and are designed to be simple.

In our self-service portal, we offer multi-client capability, individual rights structures, templating and access to all relevant functions of your IT infrastructure. You manage servers, backups, but also your SaaS products, such as e-mail or telephony.

Software as a Service

Our Software as a Service solution offers various software applications with which we support you. The scope of services is continuously expanded according to the needs of our customers.

  • Email operation, incl. extensive add-on functions (e-mail encryption, spam protection, footer/disclaimer management, digital signature and archiving)
  • Telephony solution
  • Backup-Solutions
  • Webhosting
  • Cloud Storage

Infrastructure as a Service

Book infrastructure resources for your customers with complete flexibility. These can be operated with different levels of performance and availability. In our cloud stack, UPONU meets the highest standards and reduces the complexity of administration for you. The greatly reduced cost models ensure planning security within the IT costs and thus guarantee the success of your IT projects.

  • Server resources
  • Network resources
  • Memory resources
  • Branding of all services in your name
  • Self-service portal for you and your customers

Privat Cloud

Operate your private cloud solution with our technology. We transform your data center into a managed private cloud. You obtain or distribute all products and solutions from this solution as required. The services remain identical to our cloud solution.


We provide you with a comprehensive range of products and solutions with which you can implement your customers' IT projects. All products and services, including the customer portal, can be individually branded in your name and corporate identity. Only you appear to your customers.

An overview of our solutions for you


In our own cloud stack, you operate your infrastructure resources according to clearly defined SLAs. In addition to server resources and network services, we provide you with extensive data backup and availability functions.


We provide you with a wide range of services from our cloud stack. These include e-mail, telephony, backup and encryption services.

Self-Service Portal

We offer you the opportunity to manage all services and options easily and tailored to your needs in our self-service portal.

Own data centers

Our solutions can be obtained as SaaS/IaaS services from our data centers operated in Germany. The operation meets the highest certifications and standards such as ISO 27001, DIN EN 50600, ITAR. Operation of your private cloud can also be realized.

Test our solutions yourself without any investment

We support and advise you in the use of our solution with simple and free Onboarding.