You’ll never be checkmate,

even in case of a loss.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

To ensure the availability of your customers' IT systems, DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) should also be part of your IT strategy. DRaaS represents a logical continuation of BaaS. In addition to data backup, the relevant systems of your customers are mirrored in our cloud stack. VPN tunnels for access or even emergency workstations enable a quick start-up of the systems after an IT incident in the productive environment. All systems can be accessed via our customer portal and put into operation independently.

The aim is to ensure that business operations continue uninterrupted, i.e. to guarantee business continuity is ensured. Backup, on the other hand, is limited to data protection. It ensures that you get your data back, even if it takes a little longer.


Data loss prevention and protection against ransomware

No company can exist without a data backup. With the UPONU backup solutions, you can back up your customers' data simply and automated in our solutions. The data backups can be performed from servers, PC systems and also Office 365 resources.

Data recovery

Data recovery

You can recover your data in various procedures, including the data of your customers in your IT environment. After a serious IT incident, data can also be recovered at short notice in our IaaS cloud stack.

Emergency workstations

Secure business operations even in the event of IT failures

IT emergency workstations based on DaaS (Desktop as a Service) systems. This environment gives you access to the restored application servers and their data. This access can take place securely from any end device worldwide.

Steady test procedure

Proof of function of the entire cloud stack

With the aid of automated regular tests, all equipment and functions are tested in various technical procedures. The regular maintenance of all system components is an integral part of our ISO 27001 certification. Our data centers are operated according to DIN EN 50600.

Test our solutions yourself without any investment

We support and advise you in the use of our solution with simple and free Onboarding.