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Desktop as a Service

Operate your customers' workstations from our DaaS services (Desktop as a Service). In addition to the operation of server resources more and more companies resort to the operation of workstations from a DaaS solution. For this purpose we can offer you various technical solutions, depending on the customer's requirements. Also the operation of CAD and demanding applications can be realized in these workstations.

The workstations are subject to the same availability and security mechanisms as the customers' IaaS components. The centralization brings decisive added value, for example, in order to to quickly restore the ability to act after a cyber attack. The systems can be accessed from any end device worldwide. We will be happy to introduce you to the different variants and their advantages in more detail.

  • Secure access with any end device (BYOD: Bring your own Device)
  • No VPN
  • Optional with two-factor authentication
  • Easy software distribution
  • High availability operation
  • Simple and fast restoration of the workplace (Recovery)
  • Whitelabeling the solution in your name
  • Infinitely scalable

Create your customers' virtual office with our DaaS solutions. In combination with our telephony and IaaS solutions, your customers will have solutions to your customers on any device worldwide. Besides the security gains in terms of availability, operation and data back-up, your customers benefit from the flexibility to work at any location and with any device.

Test our solutions yourself without any investment

We support and advise you in the use of our solution with simple and free Onboarding.