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Infrastructure as a Service

The UPONU team operates for you at several data center locations highly available cloud stacks. From these we provide our customers extensive infrastructure services to our customers. You can offer all services to your customers in self-service and configure and administer them with full control. configure and administer them. At UPONU we focus on a high degree of independence of individual hardware manufacturers and offer an easy possibility to run the IT requirements of your customers in our solution. You can configure any server systems. Network and firewalls can be provided from our solution. The services are billed according to use and can be easily planned for for your customers. In addition, we ensure simple migration of existing on-premise or cloud systems. We would be happy to present all the options from our portfolio that offer you the greatest added value.

In this way, we offer our customers the opportunity to use state-of-the-art technology without having to provide the necessary IT infrastructure internally. You determine the scope of use, on which our price model is based. We would be happy to advise you so that we can find the best solution for you and submit a correspondingly offer tailored to your needs.

We operate a high-availability cloud stack in several of our own data centers. All services offered can be easily scaled and are operated according to the highest security standards in Germany. The operation is certified according to ISO 27001.

Free resource definition

In our solution you do not have to choose from predefined templates. You can configure all resources of a virtual server individually and according to the needs of your customers.

  • Operating system
  • vCPU Quantity & Type
  • RAM
  • Hard disk space & type
  • Network adapter and configuration
  • Snapshots


In addition to the actual compute resources, various extensions can be individually configured.

  • Virus scanner
  • Data backups
  • GPU in VDI environments (NVIDIA)

Various operating and availability models (SLA)

In the solution developed by us we offer you different availability and performance classes. You can flexibly choose between the classes and thus realize the optimal solution for your customer.

Easy migration

We offer various solutions to import existing resources or your individual templates

Insight into the UPONU Self-Service Portal

Simply test the products from our data centers yourself without making your own investment.

With a simple and free onboarding, we support and advise you in a migration with our solution. Your sales department can act immediately with the solution.