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As a Service-Products

We develop and operate cloud products that are optimized specifically for IT solution providers. The entire product and service spectrum is whitelabelable. For you, this means that your customers remain your customers. The design of the price models and also the definition of the access options of your customers to the self-service are aligned with your wishes and your needs.

The configuration of the services is specifically optimized for operation from the perspective of IT solution providers. The complexity of the pricing models has been to a minimum in order to be able to implement easily plannable solutions for your customers.

Software as a Service

Our Software as a Service solution offers various software application with which we support you. The scope of services is continuously extended according to the needs of our partners. We operate the solutions for you, so that you can focus on the needs of your own customers.

  • Email operation, incl. extensive add-on functions (e-mail encryption, spam protection, footer/disclaimer management, digital signature and archiving)
  • Telephony solution
  • Backup-Solutions
  • Webhosting
  • Cloud Storage


Infrastructure as a Service

Flexibly book infrastructure resources for your customers. These can be operated with different levels of performance and availability. In our cloud stack, UPONU meets the highest requirements and reduces the complexity of administration for you. The greatly reduced cost models guarantee planning reliability within the IT costs of your customers.

  • Server resources
  • Network resources
  • Memory resources
  • Branding of all services in your name
  • Self-service portal for you and your customers


This way, your customers

will remain your customers.


Simply test the products from our data centers yourself without making your own investment.

With a simple and free onboarding, we support and advise you in a migration with our solution. Your sales department can act immediately with the solution.